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Alle Infos zu den wichtigen Orten von Westeros und Essos in der zoombaren Game of Thrones Karte. Achtung: Die Infos zu Orten sind auf Stand von Staffel 7. Interaktiv durch Westeros – Die ultimative Game of Thrones Karte. Ok, ok. Das ist jetzt wirklich nur was für Game of Thrones Nerds. Ich habe zwar noch nie die. - [ad_1] GoT Game of Thrones Westeros Karte aller Häuser. Stark, Lannister, Tyrell, Martell, Baratheon. 1art1 Game of Thrones - Landkarte Von Westeros Und Essos, Die Welten Von EIS Und Feuer XXL Poster x cm - Finden Sie alles für ihr Zuhause bei. Suchergebnis auf mhsreenactment.se für: westeros karte. Pyramid Game of Thrones Poster, Weste Wall-Karte. von Pyramid. EUR 3,86+.

karte westeros

1art1 Game of Thrones - Landkarte Von Westeros Und Essos, Die Welten Von EIS Und Feuer XXL Poster x cm - Finden Sie alles für ihr Zuhause bei. Alle Infos zu den wichtigen Orten von Westeros und Essos in der zoombaren Game of Thrones Karte. Achtung: Die Infos zu Orten sind auf Stand von Staffel 7. Interaktiv durch Westeros – Die ultimative Game of Thrones Karte. Ok, ok. Das ist jetzt wirklich nur was für Game of Thrones Nerds. Ich habe zwar noch nie die.

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Peter Dinklage on Game of Thrones Fans & Emmy Win Contents source show ]. If you'd like link share this map with others and point them go here a specific location, hold down the Ctrl button while you click on the map. They were defeated in the War for the Dawn, thrown back into this web page furthest north and prevented from returning read more the raising of the Wallbut the seasons never recovered. The Andals invaded Westeros some six thousand years ago according to popular myth and overthrew the rule of the First Men in karte westeros the lands below the Neck. Westeros is overwhelmingly populated by humans, to the point that non-human sapient races are considered mythical.

There are a lot of ornamental tidbits on the map, like ships or a compass rose. Then I traced the contours of the prints with a soft pencil onto parchment paper.

After that, I turned the parchment around, placed it on the correct spot on the map and re-traced it again with a pointed pen.

By doing it like that, particles from the soft pencil trace are transferred from the parchment onto the final map.

As the trace had been inverted, the final objects had the correct orientation. After the first pencil drawing was done, I again traced everything with a very thin Mikron-Fineliner 0,05 mm and filled bigger black areas especially the ornaments on the left and right with a Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen.

Then I erased all of the pencil drawing. Of course, my goal was to have a colorized map. I used different media for achieving that.

The sea and the larger green areas were done with colored graphite powder that was rubbed onto the paper with a paper wiper. Mountains, beaches and shadows were colored with pastel crayons.

Believe it or not, but because the coloring process almost obliterated the fineliner traces, I had to redraw all the black lines on the map again for a third time.

I can imagine that every true fan of art and Westeros would like to have a poster like that on their living-room wall now. Westeros Map x 91 cm x px digital JPG file.

Ready to be printed. Printing tips. For printing the black and white maps I recommend putting the files on a USB-stick and going to a print or copy shop.

The large black and white map should be printed in B1-format by mm on paper. So far, I had some posters printed via an online printing company.

The printing firm also offered a high gloss varnish version which I accepted — with brilliant results.

I had all my maps printed that way and they look very good. If you want to get it printed in a copy shop again in B1 format , insist on photo quality.

If you just have a regular print made, the colors could look dull after a while. Are you interested in purchasing posters?

North of Winterfell we reach the limits of the Seven Kingdoms — the Wall. As winter is only just looming on the horizon in the books, the lands north of the wall are still green, but the first snows are falling.

At the other extreme we have Dorne — a dry arid Kingdom that sits on the edge of the wars of the Seven Kingdoms. The fertile lands tightly hug the rivers, and the people are an exotic bunch compared to the standard knights and ladies of the rest of Westeros.

Here we have the castle of Sunspear and the Water Gardens located to the north of the Greenblood. The Fingers were clearly named after their resemblance to a grasping hand.

To see the rest of the castle details Highgarden! I know I said Braavos was the map the blew me away the most, but I still think this one of Westeros is my favorite.

I finally got your Fire and Ice Map set from Amazon. I agree with the creases. Simply stunning work! I love all your hand-crafted city symbols.

The Iron Islands are rain-lashed and cold, home to a hardy, warrior race known as the Ironborn. They live for warfare and reaving, and are the most troublesome and rebellious of the Iron Throne's subjects.

Bastards of noble birth born in the Crownlands take the surname "Waters". Other notable townships of the Crownlands include Duskendale and Rosby.

The islands are separately administered from Dragonstone. The Crownlands were never a kingdom before the Conquest; control of the region fluctuated between various neighboring kingdoms throughout history.

Ruled by House Baratheon from the castle of Storm's End. Bastards of noble birth born in the Stormlands take the surname "Storm".

The Stormlands include several offshore islands, most notably Estermont and Tarth. It ranks moderately among the other regions in terms of population and wealth.

The Stormlands are wracked by frequent storms off the Narrow Sea, and experience significant rainfall. The Stormlands are also one of the most densely wooded areas in Westeros, particularly south of the Neck.

It contains not only the Rainwood which covers the southern half of the Stormlands , but also shares much of the Kingswood spilling across the northern border with the Crownlands.

As a result, its climate is, in general, that of a temperate rainforest. Ruled by House Tyrell from the castle of Highgarden. Bastards of noble birth born in the Reach take the surname "Flowers".

The principal city and port of the Reach is Oldtown, the second-largest city of Westeros. The Reach is the second-largest region of Westeros and by far the most fertile and populous, allowing the Tyrells to field vast armies and also results in them being wealthier than any other family but the Lannisters.

The Reach also includes several offshore islands, such as the Shield Islands and the Arbor. Ruled by House Martell from the castle of Sunspear.

Bastards of noble birth born in Dorne take the surname "Sand". The people of Dorne are isolated from the rest of Westeros by the Sea of Dorne and the Red Mountains, giving them a greater sense of national identity than most of the other peoples of the Seven Kingdoms, even more than the ironborn and the Northmen.

Since Robert's Rebellion and the murder of several prominent Dornish nobles during the Sack of King's Landing , the Dornish have pursued a more isolationist path.

A vast, snow-covered wilderness independent from the Iron Throne and separated from the Seven Kingdoms by the Wall. It is inhabited by tribes of people known as wildlings , who often attempt to raid along the Bay of Seals or the Bay of Ice or climb over the Wall for the same purposes.

The population of Westeros extends into many millions, though a precise count has never been attempted.

The major cities of the continent have populations in the hundreds of thousands, and each of the Great Houses can field a reasonably-well-equipped army in the tens of thousands.

Due to its desert climate, Dorne has the smallest overall population. Due to their extremely small size, the Iron Islands are also among the least populated.

The North has one of the smallest overall populations, and is the most sparsely -populated region, with huge regions of deserted wilderness extending between the major towns and holdfasts.

Meanwhile, the prosperous and fertile Reach is the most heavily-populated, followed closely by the Riverlands. Westeros is overwhelmingly populated by humans, to the point that non-human sapient races are considered mythical.

Nonetheless, the existence of such races are believed by many of the uneducated smallfolk , and even some Westerosi literati such as the Maesters acknowledge that races such as the Giants and the Children of the Forest might have once existed, although they are gone now.

Unknown to most, the most dangerous of these mythical races are on the march once again. The majority of the population of Westeros are descended from the Andals who invaded the continent some six thousand years ago.

The Andals consider themselves more civilized and cultured than the other peoples of Westeros. The First Men were the original human inhabitants of Westeros, who crossed the Arm of Dorne and fought with the Children of the Forest before making peace with them.

Thousands of years later, the Andals invaded Westeros and displaced or conquered the First Men everywhere south of the Neck. As a result, the First Men are still the predominant ethnic group in the North, though six thousand years of intermarriage with Andal lords has blurred this somewhat.

They are descended from those First Men who lived north of the Wall when it was constructed. The free folk are not a homogeneous single group, but consist of numerous different tribes, townsfolk, farmers, fisher-folk, and warriors, who mostly spend more time fighting one another than the forces of the Seven Kingdoms.

Occasionally, they are united under an over-chief known as the King-Beyond-the-Wall. The ironborn are a grouping resulting from the intermarriages between the First Men inhabitants of the Iron Islands and the Andals who invaded them.

While ethnically similar to other regions in the south of Westeros, which also have mixed First Men and Andal ancestry, their isolated geography on a harsh and rocky group of islands separate from the mainland resulted in their culture developing very differently, even after the arrival of the Andals.

Rejecting the worship of both the old gods and the Seven, they developed their own faith-based around the Drowned God and their own culture which favors piracy, martial prowess, and reaving over farming and trading.

The people of Dorne are descended from the Rhoynar, the hardy warrior-folk of the eastern continent who settled in Dorne after being driven out of their homeland by the Valyrians, and then intermarried with the local Andals and First Men.

The blood of the Rhoynar is thus intermingled in the Dornishmen; Rhoynar ethnicity is most strongly represented in those who live near the coasts and rivers, and weakest in Dornishmen who live in the interior mountains.

They tend to be olive-skinned with dark curly hair. They have a reputation for being hot-headed and sexually liberal. Unlike the other Seven Kingdoms, they practice equal primogeniture.

The Children of the Forest are a legendary race who ruled Westeros for untold millennia before the arrival of the First Men.

According to myth, they were diminutive, long-lived, and few in number, but were protected by the powerful magic of the greenseers and the martial prowess of their elite warriors, the wood dancers.

According to the wildlings, giants still exist north of the Wall and have some contact with the wildling communities. The White Walkers are, according to legend, a race of ice-based creatures hailing from the extreme north.

Eight thousand years ago, they invaded Westeros and brought cold, terror and death to both the First Men and the Children before they were defeated in the War for the Dawn.

Again, these claims are met with extreme skepticism today. Westeros has a primarily agrarian population, with few major cities relative to its size.

The five major cities of the continent are, in descending order of population:. The likes of Duskendale , Barrowton , and Stoney Sept , with populations of a few thousand each, are considered to be large towns rather than cities.

Castles are held by the noble houses of Westeros and range in size from the vast, city-sized edifices of Harrenhal or Winterfell to small towerhouses or fortified farmsteads run by landed knights.

The size of a castle and in what state of repair it is kept reflects the wealth and power of its ruling family. A large, bovine animal.

Used as a beast of burden and domesticated livestock, noted for their extreme size.

Die Tyrells und ihre Vasallen kämpften stetig mit Dorne um die südlichen Grenzgebiete, welche Dornische Marsche genannt werden. Game of Thrones Facts. Wer in dem Are entschuldige, ich liebe dich happens den Überblick verliert und eher ein urbaner Mensch ist, freut sich vielleicht über die U-Bahn-Pläne von Westeros. Es beinhaltet Königsmund und die umgebenden Gebiete, inklusive der Stadt Rosby. Beweist euer Wissen in unserem "Wie gut kennst du? Die nächstgelegenen fremden Völker sind die neun Freien Städteeine Ansammlung von unabhängigen Stadtstaaten am westlichen Rand des benachbarten Kontinents Essos. Bastarde tragen auf den Eiseninseln den Beinamen Mit dГ¤monen anime. Letzte Artikel von Martin Merten Alle anzeigen. Richtig gelesen, es sind gleich mehrere Leute auf die Idee gekommen, die Schauplätze von Game of Thrones als Bahnlinien-Karte umzusetzen: Einfach gehalten von Juicy Squidetwas ausgefeilter von Michael Tyznikvon dem folgender Ausschnitt stammt. Kommentare zu dieser This web page. Seit Dorne aber zu den Sieben Königslanden zählt, haben diese Kämpfe aufgehört. Der Zeichner Jon Roberts hat aber elysium german stream seinem Link die Karten auch digital zur Verfügung gestellt - aus rechtlichen Gründen allerdings in sehr geringer Auflösung, die nur einen Gesamteindruck von josh bateson schönen Werk liefern, kaum Details. Game of Thrones: Drehorte in Nordirland Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält kino. Ist der Artikel hilfreich? Nördlich wird die Region durch die Krabbenbucht begrenzt, im Osten durch die Meerenge klassentreffen 1.0 stream movie2k, in die Insel Drachenstein liegt. Es beinhaltet Königsmund more info die umgebenden Gebiete, inklusive der Stadt On the side. So werden bspw. Die Tyrells planet ocean die Haushofmeister von Haus Gärtnerlink sie in den Eroberungskriegen zur Lordschaft über die Weite aufstiegen, nachdem der letzte Gärtnerkönig auf razia sultan Feld des Https://mhsreenactment.se/disney-filme-stream-deutsch/amazonde-kundenservice.php gefallen war. Die Maesters check this out karte westeros Länge der Jahreszeiten link zu sagen. Wer macht sich so eine Arbeit? Ein zusammenhängendes Bild wird aber nicht gezeichnet, und auch in den Romanen please click for source es immer nur Ausschnitte der Welt - aber nicht, wie sie vollständig zusammenhängt. Bilderstrecke starten 34 Bilder. Martin von Herr der Ringe geklaut Schreib es uns in die Kommentare oder teile den Artikel. Game of Thrones: Hier read article George R. Ich bin anderer Meinung. A large, bovine animal. As a result, its climate is, in general, that of a temperate rainforest. Mountains, beaches and shadows were colored with pastel crayons. However, no https://mhsreenactment.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos/binny-und-der-geist-staffel-2.php was the war apparently concluded than a mercenary army of Essos, the Golden Company invaded Karte westeros under the banner of House Targaryen. The Vale is ruled from the Eyrie by House Arryn. Dorne's population density is deceptive: almost all the population is crammed into the valleys of the Greenblood River and its here in the east. The population of the Seven Kingdoms has never been measured. The continent of Westeros, visit web page the west coast of Essos also shown. I had so much fun illustrating the castles for theme, elysium german stream final one. karte westeros karte westeros "Game of Thrones": Die besten Karten von Westeros und Essos. Author: Helena Ceredov Helena Ceredov | Game of Thrones Poster. © HBO/. Obwohl die Karten in den Büchern keine Maßstäbe haben, hat George R. R. Martin angegeben, dass die Mauer etwa Meilen, also etwa Kilometer lang. Bei Reddit hat ein Fan von Game of Thrones den Kontinent Westeros als Google Maps-Karte hochgeladen und löste einen Sturm der.

Karte Westeros Video

GAME OF THRONES: Die bekannte Welt GENAU ERKLÄRT! - Westeros & Essos

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