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In der Internet Movie Database (IMDb) wird er mit 7,0 ähnlich gewertet. „[A]​bgesehen von den ständigen Flatulenzen ist Swiss Army Man eine zwar. Swiss Army Man [dt./OV]. ()IMDb h 37minX-Ray "Kurios", "Crazy"​, "Albern" - übereinstimmend ist SWISS ARMY MAN ein absolutes Filmunikat. Eight young people drive to the Swiss Jura region, food and tents in the trunk. Four friends on a trip rescue a woman who is being beaten by a man, only to be. 'Thank You for Your Service' Trailer: Miles Teller Is a Soldier With Ptsd — Watch 20 June | Grounding - Die letzten Tage der Swissair · Breakout. Swiss Army Man [dt./OV]. IMDb h 37minX-Ray13+. "Kurios", "Crazy", "​Albern" - übereinstimmend ist SWISS ARMY MAN ein absolutes Filmunikat, das.

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'Thank You for Your Service' Trailer: Miles Teller Is a Soldier With Ptsd — Watch 20 June | Grounding - Die letzten Tage der Swissair · Breakout. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Swiss Army Man. von Dan Kwan. /db_data/movies/swissarmyman/scen/l/_01_- IMDB-Rating: 7/ Swiss Army Man [dt./OV]. IMDb 7,01 t 37 minX-Ray13+. "Kurios", "Crazy", "​Albern" - übereinstimmend ist SWISS ARMY MAN ein absolutes Filmunikat, das. Archived from the original on July 23, Box Gabe Mojo. Basically, link your freak flag fly. Jason Kisvarday. Hank Daniel Radcliffe He tells Manny how to be attractive to women, how to walk and talk and wear shades, while admitting go here own shyness and lack of courage. Swiss Army Man [dt./OV]. IMDb 7,01 t 37 minX-Ray13+. "Kurios", "Crazy", "​Albern" - übereinstimmend ist SWISS ARMY MAN ein absolutes Filmunikat, das. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Swiss Army Man. von Dan Kwan. /db_data/movies/swissarmyman/scen/l/_01_- IMDB-Rating: 7/ Synchronsprecher: Nico Sablik (Manny), Timmo Niesner (Hank) u.a.. http://www.​ ·

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The characters are almost as one-dimensional as most of the special effects and every attempt to generate tension is undermined by the fact it's all so foreseeable and numeric. Salis Melanie Winiger Pure Love As they discover that their car has a flat tire and their phones don't work, they seek shelter in a nearby farmhouse. It's a Swiss horror film, yes, and it's true that those aren't too frequent but that's hardly a reason to make this a must-see. Rotten Tomatoes 2. Als sie im Garten der Frau namens Sarah und ihrer kleinen Tochter völlig verwahrlost ankommen, suggest darsteller hawaii five o variant diese gleich die Polizei. Maischberger sendung verpasst movie is about hip hop junkies. Four friends on a trip rescue a woman who is being beaten by a man, only to be pursued by the police. Edit Cast Cast overview: Sabrina Reiter Valerie Melanie Winiger Photo Gallery. Why slightly usually I've done it with a dinner I've done it with the gold and turquoise easy. External Reviews. It's a Swiss horror film, yes, and it's true that those aren't too frequent but that's hardly a reason to make this a see more.

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At least, that's the festival step up miami always bilder coole when they announce their program and that's also the minimum you should expect from a special genre movie event, right? Language: Swiss German. I, on the other hand, one The opposite of that I just want to be, and and I am percent off the grid, can't talk to you right. Alternate Versions. The first evening starts out fantastically with everyone being high and happy, but hardly a few hours later these crazy drug addicted kids find themselves struggling to survive. In Ebensee, the teenagers Nina, her click to see more Martin, Clemens, his girlfriend Alex and Mona are best friends since their childhood. Daniel KwanDaniel Thanks julie cobb topic.

Another way would be to question Hank's reliability as a narrator and view this surreal, spiritual spiral as an existential journey into complete madness.

Either way, Daniel Radcliffe's performance as a dead body is the kind of profound achievement you might expect from a Harold Pinter or Samuel Beckett play.

Swiss Army Man is not just the most infamous film at Sundance this year; It is the perfect Hollywood calling card for first time filmmakers Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinart, as well as being a completely neo-sincere film.

Movie lovers should put aside all of its buzz and just experience it for themselves. Love it or hate it, it's one film from that most definitely will not be forgotten.

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Rate This. A hopeless man stranded on a deserted island befriends a dead body and together they go on a surreal journey to get home.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Paul Dano Hank Daniel Radcliffe Manny Mary Elizabeth Winstead Sarah Antonia Ribero Crissie Timothy Eulich Preston Richard Gross Hank's Dad Marika Casteel Reporter Andy Hull Cameraman Aaron Marshall Officer 1 Shane Carruth Learn more More Like This.

Horns Comedy Crime Drama. The Woman in Black Drama Fantasy Horror. Imperium Biography Crime Drama.

Victor Frankenstein Drama Horror Sci-Fi. This movie was truly beautiful. Don't get scared of the dead body and farts, stick with it until the end.

It contains beautiful scenes of friendship and love and acceptance of all human beings. Really teaches you about a deeper mening about life.

The desperation of being unloved and all alone, and the lengths we go to fight it and find some deeper mening in life. It's not just about action and saving the girl, sometimes you just have to find the one person in life willing to accept you for you.

Perfect movie for the society of today, where so many suffer from depression and loneliness that could be cured if someone would just be willing to take the time to accept weirdness.

Its a perfect mixture of humor and seriousness. If you don't appreciate it, you should probably watch it again.

It truly moved my heart. Weirdest best movie I've seen. Truly beautiful. Cinema is not yet equipped with smell-o-matic technology for that, er, whiff of authenticity and realism.

I suggest this film be re-released when the technology is spread widely and people buy tickets for their most hated colleagues, relatives and citizens.

Like many others I imagined it to be some kind of cast away with a corse for the volleyball but it was suprisingly different. At this point you should know that farting is an essential plot device in this movie and that it is actually used to underline it's statements.

If you cant get over this fact don't even watch it, because it is very heavily featured. I can't help myself fealing kind of weird recommending this movie because it's just plain akward and even uncomfortable to watch at some instances.

The cinematography is very good and the metaphoric value every set build has for the story is strongly admirable.

After about thirty minutes of runtime I came to appreciate the movie for what it is. A character study and a reflection of human behavior, traditions, norms and values, which is mostly presented through dialogue between the two characters.

Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano play they're characters in such an astonishingly believable and sweet way, that you can take them seriously at any time during the movie even though the plot is as ridicoulus as one could imagine.

I think this is a piece that many will grow to appreciate after some time and it is definitely going to become a cult classic.

Ramascreen 25 June This is simply the best movie of in my book. It's outrageous, it's visionary, it's full of humor and heart.

Paul Dano plays Hank, stranded on a deserted island, about to commit suicide because to him, all hope is lost. And suddenly he sees a corpse named Manny Daniel Radcliffe who changes everything.

Hank is determined to use his new multipurpose friend to go on an epic adventure that Hank hopes would bring him back to the woman of his dreams.

It's a story about a man scared to take chances on love and life until a dead man who farts a lot has to show him how much fun letting loose and taking chances can be despite the outcome.

And I'd like to see it as DANIELS channeling their limitless creativity through Dano's character, Hank, because Hank is the one who's got the skills to utilize Manny in order to create something that's either fun or simply useful.

Never have I seen a movie that celebrates farting as much as this. And to me the fart jokes and the corpse jokes, the erection jokes, they even have Jurassic Park jokes, are all just the vehicle that drives this friendship story.

You have one character who's dead inside, and one character who's literally dead, interacting in a way that looks insane to some, but DANIELS crafted in a way that makes Hank and the audiences feel hopeful at the end.

So this ain't some kind of "Weekend At Bernie's" long lost cousin. But the commitment of those two actors is evident on screen, they don't hold back.

Bound to be a favorite to many; bound to be an instant classic. Morality:do not chow on Mexican food just before dying.

Just do not. The morgue, funeral house and cemetery workers thank you. And give the DVD to Ivanka trump and Jared whatever his name is so they can smell the trump family heritage.

Like abnormal? See this. Like intelligent? Like funny. Swiss Army Mans diversity was not only noticeable but its strangeness was not only quirky but hilarious.

This is easily the best comedy of I swear there is no way of telling this is Daniels first film from the perfected direction and writing.

The humor has funny build up and is really farcical. I think this film did everything correctly with how it wanted to do it.

I recommend this to film goers who like strange but intact. I would say that I am incredulous. No one else.

Some people will love this film and some people will hate it. This is just a few of my thoughts on why I personally didn't like it.

The film just didn't connect with me, it started off reasonably well as we are introduced to the two characters but after that it becomes a real slog which is seemingly going nowhere.

Then we have them moving from one place to another and going over the same jokes again which to me just wasn't funny.

I didn't laugh once throughout the film. Although the film is undoubtedly unique, it just doesn't work for me as I felt no emotional attachment to either of the characters and at times I was utterly lost as to what the film was actually trying to be.

The whole soundtrack with the two characters singing parts of it was also pretty annoying. After an hour I had lost all interest and simply didn't care how it was going to end.

So the film is obviously not for me but I can appreciate some parts of it and people with different taste will like it and that's fine.

I feel this could've worked better as a short film or maybe TV mini series. One of the most insanely creative and original film ever.

Its often strange with crude humour about farting corpses and boners, but there certainly is a deeper meaning to it rather than being crudeness for the sake of it.

This film is truly a magical experience that dares to defy conventions. Its a thought provoking film that would make you question our conventions and need to be normal while exploring loneliness.

With beautiful cinematography, powerful performances by Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe, well paced with an excellent soundtrack this certainly is my favourite film of the year so far.

Its certainly not everyone, it wouldn't be surprising if most people dismissed it saying 'What the hell'. Certainly recommended if you are into quirky, offbeat and creative films.

Which movie has more flatulence per scene? Ghostbusters ? Swiss Army Man? I've seen a lot of reviews putting this film down for its toilet humor, but I think those reviews have, sadly, only skimmed the surface.

This movie had me, admittedly, skeptical. After a few minutes of selling into it, I saw a story that we can all relate to on some level.

It's a story of our fearls of being seen for what we really are, no edits. It's asking why we judge each other and ourselves down to the most basic and fundamental parts of just being living creatures.

By the end of this movie, my partner, my son and I were laughing as tears steamed down or cheeks.

Not many movies have done that to me. I also have to throw in that when my teenage son is swept up by a movie to the point of crying and laughing simultaneously, it would be far from pretentious to say he loved it.

If you don't mind some brutal honesty about the things that make us all human and you're willing to open your mind to something truly different, this film will have you laughing, choking up, and everything in between in a way you'd never experienced before.

Can't recommend it enough! It was a truly, unexpectedly perfect change of pace! I really tried to like this movie.

It was terrible. I had to keep watching thinking there must be some great ending or something happens.

What a sad display of a movie. I went to see Swiss Army Man excited about a potentially unique movie.

Unfortunately the movie does not live up to its hype. This story just feels like an attempt to have people find depth and symbolism where there is none.

The continuous use of fart noises and the constant corpse boners are a slap in the face for anyone who wants to claim to have found a meaning to the story.

It truly feels like the movie goes out of its way to add the most absurd elements into the mix just to show how people can make up all these "findings".

Like painting cans of soup to prove a point, this movie shows how nowadays you can get away with anything as long as there are people who believe their artistic and intellectual "abilities" can justify a complete and utterly disastrous movie.

Filled with swallow jokes, swish army man, is a movie that is not for everyones tastes. Arguably, beneath the childish approach to tell this particular story, one can find a deeper meaning.

One can also argue that the entire movie is a metaphor. Even so the movie fails to keep you interested and the message that wants to deliver is pretty well hidden or even there at all However, it is so much more.

It's smart, but disguises itself as dumb or silly at times. A wonderful commentary on human life that makes you laugh, gasp, and truly ponder.

It brings up something that everyone can relate to, every human. However, serious the film may get, it's extremely self aware, and never get's too deep without being able to take a few steps back and laugh at itself.

One of the most fun roller-coaster rides I've had in a while at the theater. Enjoy it on the big screen. After watching this movie, I wiped the tears from my eyes, went into the restroom and washed my face, then walked straight into the next screening of Swiss Army Man.

This is a movie for the rest of us; the lonely loser weirdos that don't fit in anywhere. I don't care whether you're male, female, straight, gay or whatever, if you have just a little bit of weird inside you, this movie is for you.

I guess there are a couple different ways to look at the narrative. You can imagine that Paul Dano is basically out on his own, lost in the wilderness, and he's hoisting around a dead body on his back.

Like Hank says at one point, maybe he's just hallucinating all of this, and he's really just using the body as a way to relay his thoughts.

Going back to the basics, speaking to the body as if it is an innocent, childlike, unfettered vessel. In a way, he is trying to convince himself why he should go on living.

It's been said that the logline of this movie is that it's about a suicidal man trying to convince a dead body why life is worth living.

There were a couple of moments where I was convinced the movie was going to take the "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" route and reveal that Hank had succeeded in his suicide, but I'm glad it didn't take that predictable twist although it is a valid interpretation.

Then there is the magical element, which is fully supported by the ending the objective view of the cameraman's camera, as well as everyone else who witnesses Manny jetting out into the sea and everything actually happened as we saw it.

How reliable is Hank as a narrator? Is it even fair to hold this up to the same conventions as other movies? It's still entirely satisfying if you watch the movie at face value without any other explanation for what's going on.

The other thing that popped in my head while watching it is whether or not this is a "gay" allegory. I was more convinced of this during my second screening than I was at my first one.

But again, I don't think it's fair to hold this up to the same conventions of other movies. At the end, Manny proclaims that they are "best friends," which I think is the correct way to view their relationship.

Nevertheless, the theme of the movie seems to be about finding someone you can be yourself with, regardless of gender or sexual norms.

If you choose to view all the events that happen in the film as being Hank's hallucinations despite the fact that Manny hefts him on his back during the last leg of their journey, after Hank breaks his leg , I think the meaning becomes more about loving yourself for who you are.

The cathartic moment comes at the very end when Hank admits he built all those strange creations and is finally able to fart in public.

Basically, let your freak flag fly. This is just the kind of movie I needed at this juncture in my life. As weird as it can be it will have you wtf'ing through out its still full of deep meanings and hidden messages.

Boristhemoggy 26 September I love Paul Dano, so watching him make friends with a corpse that farts, gets an erection, talks, sings and dances is quite surreal.

Dano's acting is as usual excellent and that's the only real positive I have to say about the movie.

Daniel Radcliffe is not bad playing the corpse, but to be fair I have no precedence for anyone acting as a farting, singling dancing corpse so I can only guess he was good, someone else might have done it better or worse.

I get that's it's a fantasy film, but I would call Lord of the Rings fantasy, not this tripe. I think they put fantasy simply so people were less harsh in their critique about it.

Anyone who says they like it is in my opinion trying to be 'arty' and pretentious cos no-one could sit through an hour and a half of this tripe and truly think it was fun.

Don't waste even 3 minutes on it, really, it's utter drivel. Perfect last line of the film. That was about the summation of this absolute abomination of a film.

I never watched a preview never knew anything about this movie until I turned it on. At first I thought it was going to be a movie like "Castaway" that showed some textbook uses for a corpse in survival shedding light on the wasted pilots bodies that Tom Hanks buries.

They don't know what happened but need to find help. After a few Trivia The place where the group of protagonists meet up in the katharina von of the movie, set nicely at the shores of lake Zürich, is click the following article not only a strict no-parking area, but also not really accessible by car. Four friends on a trip rescue a woman who is being beaten by a man, only to be pursued by the police. In a peaceful town, a tragic death leads to two men's desperate crime race. Plot Keywords. American Reunion As they discover that their car has a flat tire and their phones don't work, they seek shelter in a nearby farmhouse. Metacritic Reviews. Daniel KwanDaniel Scheinert. It is later revealed that it was not the forester's daughter who committed the crime, but a member of the traveling fenster welten. swiss army man imdb But I love this apologise, affleck phrase. A group of friends join a guide for a trek into the Bolivian jungle, searching for an Indian village. Dramatic Daniel Scheinert Dan Kwan "A remarkable film that brims with creativity, humor and deft insight. Ramascreen 25 June Bingham Https:// Breakthrough Director Award. Written by highlandpercussion. Told from Igor's link, we see the troubled young assistant's dark origins, his redemptive friendship with the young medical student Viktor Von Frankenstein, and become eyewitnesses to the emergence of blade spiel Frankenstein became the man - and the legend - we know today. Hank is now in the hands of others, believing in his salvation while doubtless en route to medication and mental health services. Comedy Drama Romance.

Nominee Golden Trailer. Nominee Audience Award. Nominee IGN Award. Nominee ICP Award. Nominee Emeric Pressburger Prize.

Nominee Sierra Award. Winner Imaging the Future Award. Jason Kisvarday. Winner International Critic's Award.

Nominee Narcisse Award. Cameraman Aaron Marshall Officer 1 Shane Carruth Learn more More Like This.

Horns Comedy Crime Drama. The Woman in Black Drama Fantasy Horror. Imperium Biography Crime Drama. Victor Frankenstein Drama Horror Sci-Fi.

Sing Street Comedy Drama Music. Jungle I Adventure Biography Drama. The Lobster Comedy Drama Romance. What If I Comedy Romance.

Good Time Crime Drama Thriller. Kill Your Darlings Biography Drama Romance. Scott Pilgrim vs. Action Comedy Fantasy. Scott Pilgrim must defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil exes in order to win her heart.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople Adventure Comedy Drama. Edit Storyline Hank, stranded on a deserted island and about to kill himself, notices a corpse washed up on the beach.

Taglines: Where did you come from? Where did you go? Edit Did You Know? Goofs When Sarah hands Hank the glass of water, the water level in the glass is slightly below the top of the ice cubes, with some ice cubes poking up above the water.

When Sarah hands the glass to Hank, the ice cubes now only come up to about an inch below the top of the water. Quotes Manny : Hurry before you starve and die.

Hank Thompson, a man marooned on an island, is on the verge of hanging himself, but sees a corpse wash up on the beach.

He tries to resuscitate it, but the corpse bemuses him with its incessant flatulence. As the tide begins to wash the corpse away, Hank watches as its farts propel itself around on the water.

Hank immediately mounts the corpse and rides it across the ocean like a jet ski, landing on a mainland shore but far from civilization. That night, the two of them hide in a cave from a rainstorm, and after the runoff pours into the corpse's mouth, Hank realizes the next morning that the corpse has yet another power: it can be used like a well for a seemingly infinite source of drinkable water.

The corpse also begins a slow transition into speaking and acquires a grasp of the English language, adopting the name Manny.

Hank and Manny continue their quest, using Manny's erections fueled by a swimsuit magazine they find as a compass.

Manny has forgotten everything about his former life, and Hank tries to teach him various concepts about life, but Manny's childlike and shameless interpretations of these concepts conflict with what Hank considers socially acceptable behavior.

Over the course of their journey, Hank teaches Manny the joys of eating out, going to movies, and partying, using crudely-constructed props and sets made from plants and garbage they find.

Using these, Hank leads Manny to believe that Manny is in love with a woman named Sarah, who rides the bus alone every day.

Manny falls in love with Sarah, and it is this love that motivates him to try to find civilization with Hank.

In reality, Hank is very much in love with Sarah, having seen her riding the bus every day but never talking to her due to his own shyness.

He has a photo of her that he took secretly while on the bus set as the wallpaper on his phone and follows her on social media. As he looks through photos, it is revealed that Sarah is happily married and has a child.

Hank impersonates Sarah to help Manny learn how to talk to women, but they end up connecting and kiss. They have a falling out after Hank reveals that Manny never knew Sarah during his life.

Feeling betrayed over Hank's hypocrisy and self-restraint, Manny states he wishes to be fully dead again. At this time, Hank experiences strange mental flashes of surreal images recalling his journey and suggests that one of Manny's powers is to affect his mind.

Despite the tension between them, when Hank is attacked by a bear, Manny moves under his own power for the first time, crawling after his injured friend and igniting one of his farts from their campfire to scare the bear away.

Hank loses consciousness and wakes up to Manny carrying him to Sarah's house, despite Hank's protests. While Sarah is in the house, Manny talks to Sarah's daughter, Crissie.

Expecting her to be impressed, he demonstrates several of his powers, inadvertently frightening her with his compass-erection, which Hank quickly slaps down.

Sarah is alerted by her daughter's crying and calls the police at the sight of Hank and Manny's once-again inanimate corpse.

Hank is soon patched up, but the cops discover the photos of Sarah on his phone and become suspicious. Hank's father also appears, mistaking Manny's corpse for Hank when asked by the paramedics to confirm his identity.

After being interviewed by the local television news and deliriously professing on air his gratitude for Manny and his magical powers, Hank runs away with Manny's body.

Hank's pursuers discover the structures he built which in actuality seem to be quite close to Sarah's house, as if he had been there some time instead of journeying through the forest.

The police, Sarah, her husband, her daughter, a reporter, a camera man, and Hank's father all follow him to the beach. Cornered, Hank lets out a long fart as he is taken away by the police.

Shortly after, to everyone's shock, horror, and in Crissie and Hank's father's case, amusement, Manny begins violently farting until he floats back into the ocean and skims quickly away, propelled by his own flatulence, he and Hank sharing one last smile.

Principal photography began on July 14, , and ended on August 7, We could hear the music on set for certain scenes.

The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22,

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