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Moonlight jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, maxdome verfügbar. Mick St. John ist attraktiv, charmant - und. Alle Videos, Clips, Ganze Folgen und spannende Zusatzinformationen zu Moonlight findet ihr auf sixx. Die Clips zur Serie. Während Mick sein durcheinander geratenes Leben wieder ordnet, kommen er und Beth sich näher. Moonlight im Stream. Du willst Moonlight online schauen? Moonlight Staffel 1 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 1. Kritiken zu jeder Folge ✓, die Besetzung ✓, den Start in Deutschland ✓ & Möglichkeiten zum Stream! Serienjunkies - Alle Serien auf Gibt es Moonlight auf Netflix, Amazon oder Maxdome und co legal? Jetzt online Stream finden!

moonlight serie stream

Streams und Mediatheken Staffel 1 auf DVD und Blu-ray. Staffel 1 (4 DVDs) · Series 1 - Complete (DVD) · alle DVDs und Blu-rays. Moonlight jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, maxdome verfügbar. Mick St. John ist attraktiv, charmant - und. Gibt es Moonlight auf Netflix, Amazon oder Maxdome und co legal? Jetzt online Stream finden! Mick finds Coraline at check this out storage facility working on a compound something kirstin warnke opinion the vampire cure. Chicago Tribune. Sign In. May 14, AOL TV. John regenerates and heals all wounds. Yellowstone 3x01 You're the Indian Now. Marvel's Agents of S. To promote the series, Silver and the main cast attended the Comic-Con International on July 27,where the series was featured.

The series follows private investigator Mick St. John Alex O'Loughlin , who was turned into a vampire by his bride Coraline Shannyn Sossamon on the couple's wedding night fifty-five years earlier.

In the present day, he struggles with his attraction to a mortal woman, Beth Turner Sophia Myles , his friendship with Josef Kostan Jason Dohring , and his dealings with other vampires in Los Angeles.

The series was commissioned by Warner Bros. Television in as a presentation lasting 14—20 minutes.

David Greenwalt joined the staff in May as showrunner and executive producer with Joel Silver ; however, health reasons forced Greenwalt to leave the series.

All of the original actors, apart from the male lead role, were recast in June , and Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring and Shannyn Sossamon replaced them.

With an almost entirely different cast, a retooled, full-length pilot for television audiences was re-shot. Although received poorly by critics, the pilot finished first among total viewers and adults aged 18—49 for its night.

The series received generally negative reviews, and averaged 7. Many critics criticized the acting and the writing; however, Jason Dohring's performance was praised.

Moonlight went on hiatus due to the — Writers Guild of America strike , but returned with four new episodes once the strike ended.

Trevor Munson conceived the character of Mick Angel in and spent two and a half years writing a novel featuring the character. The story was adapted into a feature film script, and Bruce Willis was considered as a possibility for the lead role.

Television initially commissioned as a presentation lasting 14—20 minutes in January Joel Silver and Gerard Bocaccio were hired to be executive producers on the project under the former's production banner, Silver Pictures, in the same month.

During Greenwalt's restructuring of the pilot, all of the original actors save for the male lead role of Mick St. Dohring read two pages of script featuring Josef, and was interested by the character's "dark" and "sharp" personality.

Dohring had to go through the normal audition process and was not sure he would have gotten the role without Silver, who had "pushed it all the way through to the end".

Munson explained that the goal of the casting changes was "to lighten the show up a bit". He believed the changes granted the studio and network's wish to "make it a little younger and hipper".

The creators and the network were concerned that Josef, whose relationship with Mick was important, would appear as more of a "father figure" rather than as a friend.

O'Loughlin supported the recasting of Josef with a younger actor due to the resulting "level of ease in that age difference".

To promote the series, Silver and the main cast attended the Comic-Con International on July 27, , where the series was featured.

The pilot introduces Mick St. John, a private investigator who has been a vampire for over fifty years. He meets Beth Turner, a reporter for the online newspaper BuzzWire , at the scene of the murder of a young woman.

Mick and Beth begin investigating the crime together, helping each other to catch the killer. Flashbacks to 22 years ago show a domestic fight between Mick and his ex-wife Coraline Duvall over a kidnapped girl.

Mick sets fire to the house and rescues the girl, leaving Coraline to the fire. It is revealed that the little girl has grown up to be Beth, and that Mick has tried to watch over her and keep her safe over the years.

Beth asks Mick to help her friend Morgan find her stolen cameras. When he meets her, Mick is completely shocked; Morgan is identical to his ex-wife, Coraline.

He becomes even more confused when his vampiric sense of smell tells him that Morgan is human. Mick tries to expose Morgan as Coraline, but finally comes to believe that she is a doppelgänger when he sees that she does not have the fleur de lis tattoo on her shoulder as Coraline did.

When alone, Morgan scrubs away the heavy makeup that has been covering the tattoo. Mick joins her in the shower and finally sees the tattoo on her shoulder, revealing her identity as Coraline.

When Beth learns that Morgan is really Coraline, the lady who kidnapped her as a child, she goes to Mick's apartment and stabs her with a wooden stake, narrowly missing her heart, not realizing that she has become human.

Mick and Beth witness the event and drive after him, but Josh is shot. Beth realizes that Josh is dying, and begs Mick to turn him into a vampire; he refuses and Josh dies.

Mick encounters two vampires who are looking for Coraline. Once they leave, Mick visits his vampire friend Josef, who tells him that one of them was Lance Jason Butler Harner , a rich and powerful vampire.

Mick finds Coraline at a storage facility working on a compound for the vampire cure. Coraline explains that during the French Revolution there were seven siblings of royal blood who were vampires, two of whom were Lance and Coraline.

She then uses the compound to cure Mick's vampirism, although Lance arrives and takes her away. Beth's boss at BuzzWire is killed, and a new assistant district attorney named Benjamin Talbot Eric Winter investigates the murder.

Mick and Beth discuss the problems of having a romantic relationship, and although they end up kissing, Mick tells her he needs time to figure things out.

Mick and Beth decide to start a romantic relationship, and go to a restaurant for their first date. Beth tells Mick that she cannot continue to date him because of their vampire-human situation, but Mick says that he loves her and they kiss.

The conventions of Moonlight are based, in part, on a unique mythology. A vampire's bite is not enough to turn a human into a vampire; the human, when near death, must drink the sire's blood or have vampire blood in his or her system at the moment of death.

The process of vampirization also affects their genetics, causing their DNA to be fundamentally altered to suit their bodies' new state.

This makes genetic testing between vampires and their human relatives impossible unless the vampire has a sample of their own human DNA from before they were turned, such as a lock of hair.

They must consume human blood to survive. They also develop psychic powers and can glimpse the future and the past.

This ability, along with their night vision, is an extension of their heightened senses. Silver and fire are toxic, [33] whereas garlic, holy water and crucifixes are useless.

Their powers increase as they get older. Their blood has drug-like affects when consumed by humans; causing euphoria and temporarily heightened senses.

Moonlight attracted a loyal and devoted fan base which included internet communities. Reviews were generally negative for the pilot, [52] and the early episodes.

O'Loughlin was described as a "flatliner", [59] and "passable in the lead role". Kara Howland of TV Guide gave the pilot a positive review, and thought it was a "solid start".

One said that he gave the series "a small burst of energy", [59] while another said that he made it "crackle with a bit of wit". Reviews of the second episode were generally more positive than the pilot.

Travis Fickett of IGN described the episode, and the series as a whole, as "vampire mediocrity with a slight hint of potential". He compared the episode to the television series Angel , saying it was "weaker on virtually every front".

He gave the episode a 'C' rating, saying the direction was "lifeless" and the acting was "stilted". Syfy acquired the rights to air the show.

Television inquired with other outlets about their interest in the series. Writer and executive producer Harry Werksman said that "talks" were under way for a second season, and noted the possibility of a film.

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moonlight serie stream Moonlight. Season 1. (39) Mick St. John ist dazu verdammt, das ruhelose Leben eines Vampirs zu Purchase rights: Stream instantly Details Die Serie an sich ist super nur leider ist die Tonspur der ersten zwei Folgen vertauscht. Die 1. Staffel der Fantasyserie Moonlight aus dem Jahr mit Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles und Jason Dohring. 14,99€. Kaufen. 16Episoden. Serieninfos & News Falschen oder nicht mehr vorhandenen Stream melden Moonlight. Die komplette Serie (4 DVDs). jetzt statt EUR 32,95¹ nur EUR 22, Streams und Mediatheken Staffel 1 auf DVD und Blu-ray. Staffel 1 (4 DVDs) · Series 1 - Complete (DVD) · alle DVDs und Blu-rays. moonlight serie stream

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